WHAT: scheduled maintenance is taking place between 1 AM and 6 AM on Friday 9 December

WHO: A majority of Bigpipe customer connections will be affected.

WHY: Bigpipe is upgrading network hardware at a number of locations.

IMPACT: You will lose connection to the internet for a time from 10 – 30 minutes between 1 AM and 5 AM.

If your connection doesn’t come back automatically, please restart your modem/router. If you’re a fibre customer, restart your ONT as well.

If your connection is still down after restarting your equipment, check out our network status page. If there is no widespread or ongoing outage, use our support resources at 

Some customers may experience lower speeds for a limited time after the scheduled maintenance. This shouldn’t last long. If your connection is still slower than normal 24 hours after the scheduled maintenance, please check out our Big Guide To Improving Your Broadband or visit