Now this is a story all about how
My broadband got flipped upside down
And I’d like to take a minute so please sit tight
And tell you how I became a customer of Bigpipe!



In little ol’
 New Zealand born and raised
Waiting for sites to load, took most of my days!      
Stressed out, buffering, slow speeds too
Disconnections out of the blue!




Then a couple of bros they were streaming so good!
Started popping up in my neighborhood    
They loaded websites fast and files they shared
And said ‘move on to Bigpipe their options are fair’



I whistled for support and when the chat appeared
Just type your address, a BIG DEAL is here!”
If anything I could say that Bigpipe was rare
Unlimited, easy signup and great customer care!






I pulled up my address, the sign up was lightweight.
Received my modem, so easy to operate.
Looked at my speeds and I was finally there,

To browse in my home without any mares!




Wondering about that BIG DEALGet your first 3 months free when you sign-up to any Bigpipe unlimited broadband
plan on a 12-month contract term! 


T&Cs: Offer is available for new customers and ends 31st March 2019. Includes free Bigpipe modem and connection (worth $148).