Welcome to Bigpipe’s new blog! If you don’t know us already, we’re the new kid on the block and boast the biggest broadband pipe in New Zealand. We’re nothing but unlimited broadband. No fixed-term contracts, package add-ons, no data caps and no throttling. This blog isn’t just about us, its also about all things techy, gaming, gadgets and reviews.

We at Bigpipe like to do things differently. We’re a digitally driven ISP, broadband and nothing but. We believe your internet shouldn’t come with constraints so unlimited with us, means unlimited. As a new ISP on the block, we feel like we’ve come far and propelled ourselves as a main competitor on the market. From sponsoring Digital NatioNZ’s LAN to hosting the largest virtual reality exhibition in the southern hemisphere, we may seem small but we certainly have impact.

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We’re not all talk either (although we love to talk), there’s no point in singing our own praises without something to back it up. Over the past 8 months, we’ve been listed in the TrueNet report. TrueNet are an independent organisation dedicated to the accurate measurement and reporting of broadband performance in New Zealand paid for by the commerce commission.

In our infancy, Bigpipe have certainly hit the ground running:

“A new ISP, Bigpipe, joins the report this month with some excellent results. They top all other ADSL providers for NZ webpage download times, as well as having the best performance for file download speeds during peak hours.” Truenet- August 2014 Urban Broadband Report

“BigPipe ADSL performance is outstanding with off-peak speed measured at 99% of their advertised speed (as fast as the network allows)”  TruenetOctober 2014 Urban Broadband Report

“The biggest change in downloading Australian websites came from BigPipe VDSL which moved from 4th place in November to 1st place in December, knocking Vodafone VDSL from its top position.” Truenet- December 2014 Urban Broadband Report  

This blog isn’t going to be a platform for bragging, nope! Our aim is to engage with you guys and bring you the latest in everything cool in the tech world. Over time we’re going to bring you the latest in tech, gaming and gadget reviews. Unlike some, our blog is in no way sponsored, endorsed or paid for by any of the products mentioned the articles we post. Opinions are not Bigpipe’s but those of each writer we host on our blog. We’re not here to ruffle any feathers but to be fun, silly yet engaging with our readers. We’re working with some well known gaming bloggers in New Zealand to bring you the latest news and reviews from around the world.

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