Here at Bigpipe Towers, we had a dream. A vision, of an internet, united, under a single flag. Naturally, the only way to get one was via a competition, involving random members of the public, most of whom had little or no design experience, and a panel of non-designers judging the winner. We threw open the doors, inviting users of Twitter, Facebook, and Geekzone to submit their ideas, with the promise of the winner’s design flying proudly on a T-shirt. They delivered. Here they are: the Flags For The Internet.



Gabe Newell presides over this deep and meme-ing-full piece, composed by Facebook user Quentin. “i personally think this is the better version of the red peak flag design. i have a little competition for you. Haw many bigpipe logos can you spot hiding amongst the memes and can you see John Cena.” We don’t know about John Cena, but if you look closely you’ll see the Bigpipe logo in the Illuminati eye, which can only mean HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.

Born just in time to Internet Explorer 4


“A Mosiac of internet popups, with the IE 4.0 logo sitting in front!” warbles Geekzone user “macuser” triumphantly, adding that there is also a .gif you may view, at this link. 

Like rain on your wedding day


Ahaha. Yes, yes. We see what you did there, Geekzone user Bananabob. We see what you did there.

Internet is life

“As you can see,” writes Internet Poet Michael, via the Bigpipe Facebook, “Here this is my majestic flag of the internet, 69 hitmarkers up there add that extra 69 dankness to my flag, nice amount of memes not too much, beautiful over all, If you look closely you’ll find the big pipe logo.” We think he’s 360 noscoped it, so we’re sending him some Cool Stuff!

It’s a goat, see? 12049640_10156151211905492_7393147396407225980_n

It is obvious what this is. It’s two incredibly poorly drawn hands (symbolising the general level of intelligence of Internet comments) holding either side of a ring (symbolising unity). In the middle, the red rising sun of knowledge shines out of a black hole of ignorance. Together, these visual elements go together to show how we are all united around the great cause of the Internet.

There is no way this could be anything else.

Hardcore Gore


“What Kiwis want is the traditional internet flag they have had from the beginning,” says Facebook submitter Anja. “Al Gore: supreme leader, creator and founder of the internet, features in the top left corner. To the right is a tasteful constellation of four of our brightest stars and of course all of this wrapped in facebook blue (#4c66a4). This authentic and regal flag looks right at home amongst all the other great flags of the world.” A solid effort. It’s almost the President of our flag comp, but not quite.

This one makes us feel guilty for some reason

Michael Coleman ‏@thezez

Michael Coleman’s entry serves as a stark symbol of what we’re doing / what we’ve done with the best years of our lives. It would have won, but it makes us want to take a long hard look at ourselves and re-think our lives, and we can’t have that.



This, designed by Facebook-person Coster, has more symbolism than Red Peak or either of Kyle Lockwood’s silver fern-sporting monstrosities could ever aspire to. Nyan Richie says “Deal With It.” Suzy Cato knows what feels good, man. And John Campbell is crowned our rightful king, holding the baubles of office – delicious, gone but not forgotten, Tangy Fruits.


Drew Broadley ‏@DrewBroadley

Twitter’s Drew Broadley will be back in a minute; he’s just putting his troll face on.

Troy Cornwall didn’t read the T&Cs

Troy Cornwall ‏@DevTroy

Troy Cornwall had a stellar effort. It might have won! But it didn’t.

The Internet is for cats


ArsTechnica editor and Twitter user @MeganGeuss was not actually involved in the competition or, indeed, anything vaguely related to it, but we liked this image of hers, hashtagged #InternetFlag, enough to put it in the running.

Talk nerdy to me


“actually, If I were to make a non animated interwebs flag, Id make it based on the kiwi flag (because this country is the best obviously) and go geek with it,” says Geekzone user fizzychicken. We say, oh. Oh yes. That’s very nice. We like that a lot. It’s New Zealandy, it’s nerdy, it makes a great flag for the internet. It’ll also look good on a shirt! Well done; you win the Internet and a $200 JB Hi-Fi voucher.