It’s been a little over 2 months since we launched our super-simple, super-snazzy friend referral scheme and it’s been going really well – heaps of you have either referred your friends, or been referred to Bigpipe!

So we figured it was time we kicked things up a notch.


That’s right – the Bigpipe customer that refers the most friends over the rest of May 2016 will win a home entertainment package worth over $2000! It includes a brand new Panasonic 55″ full HD Smart TV, a 2.1 channel Panasonic soundbar, a Google Chromecast, and 6 months bonus Lightbox subscription.

We’ve also got heaps of spot prizes to give away, including 5x Google Chromecasts, video games, and random Cool Stuff! All you have to do to be eligible for a spot prize is refer your friends to Bigpipe during May. That’s it!

To enter: 
1. Login to “My Account” on
2. Use the Refer A Friend widget to refer your friends to Bigpipe (see below). You get a unique link that you can post anywhere, and anyone can use to sign up to Bigpipe.
3. Friends have to sign up to Bigpipe between 5 PM, 10 May 2016 and midnight, 31 May 2016 to be eligible for the competition. (They don’t have to be connected to Bigpipe in May – they just have to sign up with us.)*
4. PROFIT! You get $20 Bigpipe credit for every friend who signs up, and they get $20 credit too!
5. WIN! (if you’re the one who refers the most friends.)

Ideas for referring your friends.

Here are a few hints and tips on how to get maximum dollars, for minimum effort. We’ve found there are a few ways people are using Refer A Friend that work really well.

Get emailing


Compose a loving email in which you tell your friends and family how ace Bigpipe is and include the link (maybe even add it to your email signature so it’s always there!)

Post your link on social media


Post your link on discussion forums, Facebook pages, Twitter, ISP review sites (alongside your glowing review of Bigpipe of course!) or other online places where other Kiwis hang out and talk about the internet.

Get social IRL


Visit your friends! Harangue your enemies! Take an iPad round to your neighbours along with some fresh baked banana cake and entice them to sign up then and there.

Get weird


Hire a sky-writer to write your link into the sky over your town! Do something remarkable enough to get on the news and then just repeat your unique code over and over! Train bees to spread your unique link far and wide!

Okay, so those last ones might be a bit much, but do make sure people see your link. Remember, the more people that see your link, the more likely it is you’ll get someone to sign up There’s no limit to how much credit you can earn – so get referring!

Also, if you need a bit more information about how to refer your friends, head over here.

Competition terms and conditions apply. Check them out here.