Good news everyone!

Specifically, good news everyone who lives in Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga, Whakatane, Hamilton, Tokoroa, New Plymouth, Nelson, Blenheim, Ashburton, Christchurch, Greymouth, or Timaru.

That’s right – Bigpipe has just expanded the bigness of its pipes. We can now provide fibre connections in many areas in the towns and greater urban areas listed. Over 100,000 more people can now get fibre with Bigpipe.

If you’re a Bigpipe customer in one of these places and you’ve been hanging out for Bigpipe fibre goodness, head to, hop in to your dashboard, and use our nifty new Change Plan tool to see if you can get fibre with us. If your address doesn’t look like it’s listed, but you’re sure fibre is available where you are, feel free to chat live with our team. Hopefully we can get some spiffy new fibre piping straight into your place.

And if you’ve got fibre with a different company already? We’ve extended our wildly popular UFBSWITCH promotion, so if you’ve already got fibre installed, switch to us by signing up with the promo code UFBSWITCH and you’ll get 2 months of fibre on us, on any Bigpipe fibre plan!

If you’re sure fibre is available but it doesn’t show on our address checker, feel free to open a live chat with our care team so they can double-check for you. Also, some customers will be in areas where there’s an overlap between Chorus customers and other Local Fibre Companies, like UFF or Enable. When this is the case, we’ll hook you up with whoever it’s faster to get your fibre with. If you’ve got fibre installed with someone already, we’ll use that, rather than doing a whole new fibre order.

We’d love to try to hook you up with our fast internet, so give it a go 🙂

We’d love to get you all hooked up with fibre, so give it a go 🙂