Hello! It’s time you met Sean, one of several alleged humans who works at Bigpipe Towers. Take it away, Sean. 

Your Name Here
Sean Forster

24 (1 more month until I am a quarter century *cringe*) Male / about 4 desks away from you

That came out a bit weird. Never mind. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well you know, I’m Sean. I have worked with Bigpipe for nearly 2 years. At the moment I look after our billing and provisioning team making things happen with the internet and then arranging the bill for said internet. I am currently the greatest Rocket League player in the office, this is not up for dispute.

We’ll see what happens at the next intra-office tournament. What do you get up to outside of work?
Gym (sometimes), few beers after work, spending time with family, finding time to play basketball and gaming.

What work do you do for Bigpipe?
Whoops, answered this one. I lead an awesome team of people who on-board and bill our Bigpipe customers. I also attend most of the cool events that Bigpipe sponsor. I am the tall white dude with too much energy.

Indeed. What’s the best thing about Bigpipe?
Other than working for Bigpipe… it has to be support team. Great bunch of people, always going that little bit further for customers.

What’s your favourite thing that you use the Internet for?
Music, all the music.

Favourite video game right now?
Hearthstone. I’m not that great at it though

Quick, everyone, find Sean and offer to play him at Hearthstone. What is your favourite meme?

(Note: Sean’s favourite meme was terrible. Therefore, this is now his favourite meme.) 

What’s the best thing that a customer ever said to you?
“What would you do? You seem to know about this stuff.” (I did.)

Would you rather fight 100 rat-sized men, or 1 man-sized rat?
Man sized rat. Please don’t ask me to elaborate because I have nothing to back up that answer

Good point. Tell us a joke. 
Why did the chicken cross the road? WHAT!? can’t a Chicken just cross the road without being interrogated!

Existential! Link us to your current favourite thing on the Internet
Pretty much any Vine by Marlon Webb, that guy is far too funny for only 6.5 seconds of video.

What is your spirit animal?
Giraffe, totes Giraffe.

Makes sense. Anything you’d like to add?
Hi Mum, look I’m on the internet!


You are indeed.