At Bigpipe, we pride ourselves on having human staff. One of our humans we are proudest of is Lannah Frost. Find out some facts about this human in the series of questions and answers!

Your Name Here:
Lannah Frost, aka Lannah Banana, aka ‘that girl from Bigpipe’

13/f/cali hehe

It was YOU we were chatting to back in 2001! Tell us a bit about yourself.
Presented without comment:

Aaargh! Kill it! Kill it with fire! What do you get up to outside of work?
Copy+pasted from my Twitch profile: ‘ll generally be playing Warrior or Necro for pvp (shoutbow or condi war and generic terrormancer). Everything else I’ll be on my ele for. I had some builds here but then they ran away~~
(You can find more Lannah on Twitch here, streaming every sometimes)

That makes sense, to someone, somewhere. What work do you do for Bigpipe?
Someone gave me a swipe card for access in to Bigpipe Towers and I’ve kind of just hung around ever since… ended up drinking the Salesforce Kool-Aid and transformed from a little Business Analyst caterpillar in to a flying Salesforce Administrator butterfly. Legitimately a butterfly, because every seasonal release Salesforce do they change their logo and Spring 16 is a cute little butterfly

Tl;dr – I help make things work so that all of our Bigpipe support emails, chats and orders get to the right people with all of the right information.

Aww. What’s the best thing about Bigpipe?
This one time at band camp when Bigpipe gave away lobsters with free delivery on their Facebook page.


We also get to attend events like Digital Nationz and Armageddon and watch people play with awesome Oculus Rifts. There was this one time we sponsored a League of Legends LCS Finals event at SkyCity and had Alien Isolation on the Oculus Rift and if I recall correctly, someone nearly shat his pants playing. There’s a video of it somewhere I think?

Can I add in a question – what’s the worst thing about Bigpipe?

You may not.
Because if so – people microwave fish for lunch here and it is actually the worst most foul smelling workplace some days.


That only happened twice! What did you get up to for Christmas?
I’m the most boring person irl don’t ask me this!

Too bad, we’re asking anyway.
I got a Kindle for Christmas (thanks dad & look dad i’m on the internet!) and so all I pretty much did is relax in Auckland and read. I went to the Gold Coast too, but nobody wants to hear about my interactions with Australian males my father’s age poorly attempting to hit on me.

What’s your favourite thing that you use the Internet for?
Dank memes and researching what can infact melt steel beams. Nah but seriously, I love the internet for watching shows and have a hard-on for documentaries… such a David Attenborough fangirl. There was this one documentary I watched on Lightbox over the weekend that talked about New Zealand and how we came from Zealandia, but the best part about it was that it showed how kiwis evolved to have stupid long useless beaks for pecking at bugs in the ground because there was no need for them to fly. TIL!

Favourite video game right now?
I’ve finally started playing Dota2 and I am so god awful at it. Ever since I played Starcraft2 I picked up the ladder anxiety bug and now I’m too afraid to play ranked games because I’ll be too noob. Maybe I should hire some Korean/Chinese ex-pro to teach me.

In other less depressing news, I picked up Tabletop Simulator on Steam because it was 50% off (PRAISE LORD GABEN) and would highly recommend. 8/8 m8.

What is your favourite meme?
Thinking about it, I think my fav meme of all time must be Epic Fail Guy. I spent a whole 30 minutes (read: 30 seconds) finding this.

Would you rather fight 100 bee-sized men, or 1 man-sized bee?
I think I’d fight one man-sized bee with a Big Pipe, in the form of a game of Cluedo 

Ahaha, we see what you did there. Maybe. Tell us a joke
Giphy’s word matching ability.

Link us to your current favourite thing on the Internet. 

Hacking in Progress

What is your spirit animal?
Panda! I used to stream on Twitch and would wear a panda onesie. Speaking of that onesie, we hired a new learning consultant/trainer last year and I interviewed her in said panda onesie. Appropriate work attire was appropriate.

Anything you’d like to add?
The game. You just lost it.