It’s time to meet another of the mighty lords and ladies who reign supreme from Bigpipe Towers. This time it’s Sarvajith DR, Bigpipe’s Product Manager! Sarvajith, or “Jith”, or “Dark Lord of the Jith”, or “Jithu”, or “The Doctor”, as well as various other names by which he is affectionately known, is brilliant and is also very funny, but you might not know it from this interview – we think he might have been a bit busy that day. We’ve taken the liberty of expanding upon a few of his answers. 
Your Name Here

Sarvajith DR

Savajith Dr Who? A/S/L?


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a huge fan of start-up companies and the whole start-up ecosystem. I have founded and been part of small companies for most of my career so I feel at home working for Bigpipe. Jith actually has his own food start-up, that he set up with his mum and dad – it’s called Tambura. They make traditional Indian chick-pea snacks and cumin-infused chutney, among other things. When Jith started at Bigpipe he brought a whole lot of the stuff in to work and got us all hooked on it. Now he refuses to bring us more unless we pay him “real cash money”. Goddamn it, Jith. Just give us a little taste. Just a bit to take the craving away. 

What do you get up to outside of work?
I love craft beer and great street food. I also spend a fair bit of time watching Twitch streams (Kripp and anything DOTA2 related). Jith is the office Twitch addict. We can rely on him to source us only the freshest, dankest Twitch memes. Why, just today he was spamming our own work chat with Twitch stuff. Ruined! Soiled! Happy little trees! 

What work do you do for Bigpipe?
I am the Product Manager. This is another way of saying that Jith comes up with ideas for Bigpipe and Bigpipe-related products and makes it so they actually get made. Our Bigpipe modems? Jith. Our spiffy new Refer A Friend tool? Also Jith. 

Come on Jith! You can do better than that. What’s the best thing about Bigpipe? 
We are constantly changing the game with world firsts. This is a Bigpipe inside joke, ha-ha! But seriously, we are totally doing that. 

Well. Guess you couldn’t! Okay. What are you doing for Christmas in 2042?
Staying Alive. We think he means that he’s a huge fan of the BeeGees. 

What’s your favourite thing that you use the Internet for?
Watching Twitch streams (Kriparian, Arteezy)  We’re becoming unsure if Jith actually knows that there are things on the Internet besides Twitch streams.

Favourite video game right now?
Dota 2 > LOL.

We too prefer playing DOTA to Laughing Out Loud. Speaking of which, what is your favourite dank meme?


Feels bad man. What’s the best thing that a customer ever said to you?
“It feels like 2016 with Bigpipe”

Fresh! Would you rather fight 100 bee-sized men, or 1 man-sized bee?
100 bee sized men.

Incorrect! A man-sized bee couldn’t even move under its own weight, whereas 100 bee sized men (assuming they had standard human intelligence) would be a terrifying and insidious opponent. They’d sneak up on you with a gun or something and you’d wake up dead. Anyway, tell us a joke. 
What do you call a guy with no shins? Tony

That makes absolutely no sense. Instead, we demand you tell us an amusing anecdote. 
A friend of mine decided to splash sulphuric acid on my elbow at school and then proceeded to pour ammonia to equalise the effect of the acid with a base. Yeah that didn’t work. I ended up with a scar which I still sport today! I just had a look at the scar and it’s pretty seriously gnarly you guys. 

That was horrifying, not amusing! Link us to your current favourite thing on the Internet. 

Cunning! What is your spirit animal?

Anything you’d like to add?
Nah not really

That’s OK, we’ll add it for you. 

dark lord