Terms & Conditions for $49 Connection Fee

Connection and installation
You will require a standard broadband connection. From the 1st April 2015 the charge for this will be $49 per standard connection. Our standard connection does not generally require a home visit, however a technician may visit your home to confirm your connection is working.

If you decide to cancel your Bigpipe Broadband order, through no fault of ours or the installer you will not be entitled to a refund of the $49 connection fee.

In some cases you will require a non-standard installation to use the Bigpipe Service and there may be additional charges for this. A technician approved by Bigpipe will visit your home to carry out the installation to get Bigpipe Broadband working at your place. It is generally only required for new builds, or areas where a Spark copper line is not present. We will let you know ahead of time if this is likely to be the case, and an estimate of the cost. We reserve the right to reject orders for non-standard installations on a case by case basis.

Other points to note:
The activation of your Bigpipe Broadband Service will result in you experiencing a temporary loss of your broadband connection. Normal service is usually resumed within an hour.

If, despite our reasonable efforts, your Bigpipe Broadband installation fails (e.g. the technician is unable to get the service running), any equipment will remain at your premises and you will not be charged for the installation.

If you decide to cancel your Bigpipe Broadband order, through no fault of ours or the installer, after you have accepted your order and have been provided an installation date for a non-standard installation, we may charge you a cancellation fee. This will not apply where you do not agree to any additional work or costs.