Bigpipe 3 months free broadband – Terms and Conditions


The 3 months free broadband offer (“the offer”) applies to your first 3 months base plan charges on your new Bigpipe account. The offer is only available to customers who do not currently purchase broadband from Bigpipe and have not had broadband with Bigpipe within the last 90 days. The offer is available to customers who sign up from 18 December 2018 to 30 June 2020.

Offer applies to new Bigpipe customers signing up to any of the following plans, on a 12 month term:

  • Fast (ADSL)
  • Turbo (VDSL)
  • Starter (Fibre 100/20)
  • Expert (Fibre 100/100)
  • Pro (Fibre 200/20)
  • Elite (Fibre Max)
  • Elite Cantab

The offer includes a free modem, shipping and standard broadband connection for ADSL, VDSL and fibre customers. Non-standard installation charges apply.

If you leave Bigpipe before the end of your 12 month contract, an early exit fee of $199 will apply. The offer is subject to change without notice. Credit assessment applies.

The offer will be applied to your Bigpipe account as a credit for 100% of your base plan charges. The offer does not include any additional services which will be charged at full price, including during the first 3 months of your new Bigpipe plan.

This offer may not be combined with any other “new customer” promotional offers. It may only be combined with other publicly available offers on the Bigpipe website (an “other offer”), provided you are eligible for the other offer at the date you sign up, , the other offer is not a ‘new customer’ offer and the combination of the other offer and this offer is not prohibited in the terms of the other offer.

Broadband not available everywhere and speeds vary. Local Fibre Company terms apply if you have a fibre connection. Bigpipe’s Broadband Customer Terms and Conditions apply to all Bigpipe broadband plans.