Bigpipe Setup Guide for DrayTek Vigor130 VDSL2/ADSL2/2+ Modem (VDSL)

Important: This modem does not have WiFi. It can’t connect multiple computers to the internet. For that, you need an all-in-one modem/router. If you don’t have the technological know-how to connect this modem to a separate router, we suggest you buy an all-in-one modem router.

To install the modem:

  1. Connect modem to power:
    1. Find the power cord.

    2. Plug one end into the modem.

    3. Plug the other end into a power point.

    4. Check the POWER button is in the ‘on’ position.

      The ‘on’ position is when the button is at the lowest point.

      The ACT and DSL lights should start blinking.

    5. If the lights don’t start blinking, you’ll need to resolve the issue:
      DO NOT proceed until you have resolved this issue.
      1. Check the modem end of the power cable is securely plugged in.
      2. Check the POWER ON/OFF button is in the lower position.
      3. Try plugging it in to a different power point.
      4. Try another modem.
  2. If you have bought this modem second hand, we strongly recommend that you reset it to factory settings before you proceed. For instructions see Resetting the Modem.
  3. Connect modem to the Internet.
    1. You will need a cable with a squarer end (and spring at the top) and the other a wider end (and spring on the side):

    2. Plug the square end into the modem.

    3. Plug the other end into a DSL port.

      Each house typically only has one or two DSL ports coming into the house.

      After a few seconds, the DSL light should be lit solidly.

    4. If the DSL light doesn’t stay lit up, you’ll need to resolve the problem:
      DO NOT proceed to the next step until this issue has been resolved.
      1. Check that you have received the email from Bigpipe, confirming that you have been setup for Bigpipe.
      2. Restart the modem:
        1. Unplug from the power.
        2. Wait for 30 seconds.
        3. Plug the modem in again.
        4. Wait for 5 minutes.
      3. Lodge a support query.
  4. Connect modem to your PC or Laptop:

    You need to plug the modem directly into your PC, with an ethernet cable, because this modem does NOT support wireless connections.

    If you want to connect wirelessly, you will need to either:

    * Use a modem router that has wireless hotspot capability

    * Add in a wireless router.

    1. Find your ethernet cable.
    2. Plug one end into your modem.

    3. Plug the other end into your PC or Laptop.The LAN light should be lit solidly.

    4. If the LAN light is not lit solidly, you will need to resolve the issue.

      DO NOT proceed until you have resolved this issue.

Turbo – VDSL

To set the modem up for either the Turbo plan:

  1. Launch your Web Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox).
  2. Access the modem settings:
    1. Type into the address bar.

    2. Press the ENTER key.The login screen displays.

    3. Login to the modem page:
      Username admin
      Password admin

      If that Username and Password do not work you should reset the modem to factory settings. For instructions see Resetting the Modem.

    4. Click the Login button.The dashboard displays.

  3. Configure the modem for Bigpipe:
    1. From the menu on the left, select Internet Access.The Internet Access submenu displays.

    2. From the menu, select General Setup.The General Setup submenu displays. Click the settings and update them if necessary. Click OK.

      At this point, the router will ask you to reboot. You can either:

      • ignore it and move to the next section and configure your PPPoE / PPPoA settings (you can reboot after this); or
      • reboot, re-login and then go to the next section.
    3. From the menu, select PPPoE / PPPoA.The PPPoE / PPPoA screen displays:

    4. Check the settings and, if necessary, update them:
      VPI 0
      VCI 110
      Encapsulating Type VC MUX
      Protocol PPPoE
      Modulation Multimode
      Username Anything. Just not blank.
      Password Anything. Just not blank.
    5. Click the OK button.The Reboot System screen displays.

    6. Select Using current configuration.
    7. Click the OK button.The Reboot System screen displays.

    8. Close the browser window.

Congratulations! If you’ve done everything right, you should now be able to connect to the internet!

Important If you want to access the modem wirelessly you will need to connect the modem to a WiFi Router (e.g. Apple Airport Extreme). This modem cannot provide wireless hotspot capability. If you want to be able to access the internet wirelessly you will need to either use a different modem or connect it to a dedicated WiFi Router (e.g. Apple Airport Extreme).

Resetting the modem

Important: Resetting the modem restores the default factory settings. You will lose any of your customised settings. Only do this if you want the modem settings that you have input wiped.

To reset the modem:

  1. Check it is plugged in and on.

    You cannot reset the modem if it is off.

  2. Use something, like a pen, to press and hold the Factory Reset button.

  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Release the Factory Reset button.