Popular and competent television website The Spinoff had a data problem! Who were they gonna call? No-one, because Bigpipe doesn’t have a call centre! After they signed up like you should totally do, we swooped in like an Internet-based Batman, swapping out their no-internets snafu for a sweet, sweet high-fibre diet. The Spinoff TV Editor Alex Casey reports…

We are a television website, which means that non-stop streaming, incessant screen-grabbing and re-watching our own hilarious Dominic Bowden vines makes up a huge part of our daily life. We’re also still pretty new, and began with giant dreams far larger than our internet capacity would allow. With a fire in our belly to watch ALL the television, ALL the time, we were not disheartened by the fact that our new office didn’t have a whiff of broadband to speak of. This was our Everest.

Being smack bang in the heart of Britomart, you might think we’d have a plethora of snappy public wi-fi to have to and to hold. But, much like the tooth fairy fiction-level “bus” wi-fi, you get past the login stage and are then left staring at a half-loaded picture of Paul Henry for the rest of the day. That’s specific to me, by the way, Paul Henry isn’t running some sort of sting operation on the internet – that I know of.


Allegations are running hot that Paul Henry is running some kind of Internet sting operation.

We tried hotspotting from The Spinoff editor Duncan Greive’s phone. As an editor, you might think him data rich, swimming in piles of data. A regular Scrooge McData. But there were conditions – no streaming, not too many image uploads. Welcome to the Stone Age, nay, The Jurassic Age. I’m pretty sure cavemen would have been creating more dynamic #content than us under these extreme circumstances.

The internet was definitely present, but not making a huge effort to make itself known. More just slinking around from room to room and occasionally saying hello – a bit like me at a party. We didn’t want the internet equivalent of terrible me at a party, we wanted the internet LIFE OF THE PARTY. The kind of internet that will pop download bottles all night long, and then have everyone over the next day to binge movies and TV shows until you all fall asleep.


#dynamic #content #qualitytv #blessed

Which is where we decided to invite Bigpipe’s fibre to our atrociously-stocked party. And the internet became a Jersey Shore-level rager. I work most days from two laptops – one is for streaming television, the other is for uploading words, images, and video to our website. Sometimes, I’ll chuck some telly on my phone just because I can. I don’t even look at it, I just like to know it’s there. People have always yelled at me to get more fibre into my daily diet – and now I see why. My television nutrition is healthier than ever.

– Alex Casey, TV Editor at The Spinoff