There Can Be Only One…

As a proud sponsor of this year’s Armageddon Expo, we here at Bigpipe Towers wanted to find the Ultimate Armageddon Fan. The prize: the Ultimate Armageddon Prize Package, with two Emerald VIP passes, a stay in the SkyCity Grand Hotel, a limo trip to the Expo, $200 spending money, and six months free Bigpipe broadband! We put out the call, and Armageddon fans from all over New Zealand responded, with amazing competition entries.

Judging was a nearly impossibly hard task. To make it easier, we decided to up the stakes. So: in addition to announcing the grand prize winner at the end of this post, every entry blogged here will also win a double pass to the Auckland Armageddon Expo! Normally when someone says “you’re all winners,” they’re full of it, but in this case, it’s actually true! Read on…

Drawn together


“AHHHH! I would LOVE to win this!” typed Hannah, loudly. “I save every year to go to armageddon! I always go! But I’ve never been able to afford one of the awesome big passes! It would be so amazing! I finally get to dress up this year, too! I’m so excited! I have to get tickets yet, though. So this would be perfect!”

Then she did another picture!


Hannah! We thought your drawings and your ending every sentence with an exclamation mark were perfect too! So you’ve won a double pass to Armageddon! 

The Man Without Fear

Ben “Uncle Ben” Corcoran declared himself the Ultimate Armageddon Fan. His evidence? A trailer for a short film in which Daredevil and Blade fight vampires in Hell’s Kitchen – aptly portrayed, in this case, by the gritty mean streets of Hamilton. It is fantastic; just the right mix of badassery and ridiculousness. We can’t wait to see the finished film, and the trailer has won Ben – with his double life as a filmmaker filming films about troubled duos with double lives – a double pass to Armageddon! 

My Kid Couldn’t Draw That


“I am the bestest fan, because I’ve Never Been Before, but I make sure my Anime Obsessed Daughter goes every year,” says Samantha. She posted some of her daughter’s artwork (from when she was 14!) to back it up. We say: amazing! You get a double pass to Armageddon, so this year you can go together!

Your Logo Here 🙂

“Big Pipe Your Logo Here! :)” said Shaun Moe Coleman. To make his statement less confusing, he posted this picture.


Alright, man. You got us. We’re well into that. If you stick a Bigpipe logo on your Master Chief costume, and wear it to the Expo, we’ll provide you with a double pass to Armageddon! And a Bigpipe sticker.

I am the hope of the universe! I am… Iron Man!


“Because who else has an iron man/Sayian hybrid son but me!?” says Michael Moana. We say: Awww! Have a double pass to Armageddon!

His irony sense is tingling


“Im a pretty big fan of armageddon and Deadpool especially due to his 4th wall breaks but Its my little sisters first armageddon and Id do anything to make it more magical than it already is. We’d love too win,” says Ezra Brough. Well, Ezra, we’d love you too win two, so we’ve given you a double pass to Armageddon!

The Ultimate Fan

“Ok Bigpipe, we thought it easier to explain in person why we are the biggest Armageddon fans in NZ, so here is a little video to help explain why me and my 12yo son should be picked,” says Vince Warnock.

Their video entry is hilarious, sweet, and – we’re sure you’ll agree – convincing. Vince, you and your lad are this year’s ULTIMATE ARMAGEDDON FANS, and you win the ULTIMATE PRIZE! Congratulations!

Congratulations to all who entered. We hope you all come along and visit Bigpipe Broadband at the Armageddon Expo!