We’ve been working on a cool semi-top secret project for the last few months, and it’s finally ready to share with all our customers.

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This is the Bigpipe App.

A lot of telco companies and ISPs have an app. They’re good for seeing your bill and your data usage and stuff like that. But Bigpipe doesn’t have data caps, and although you can definitely see your bill with our app, we thought we’d make ours a bit more useful than that.

With the Bigpipe App, you can choose how your internet connection works.

The app has a tool we’re calling the Bigpipe Mode Selector (ta da!). It allows you to prioritise particular sorts of activities on your connection. It works on all connection types, but it’s particularly useful for ADSL connections like our Basic or Fast plans – which around half of our customers use.

So if you like streaming movies and TV shows (and you hate buffering) you can use the Mode Selector to tell your connection to prioritise Streaming. If you have a big bunch of files to download (and you hate slow downloads) you can prioritise Downloading. If need your online games to be as responsive and quick as possible, you can prioritise Gaming. If you need better Skype or FaceTime calls, you can prioritise Communication. It’s all there in the Mode Selector.

You can change modes at any time, and it works almost instantly. We’ve got an in-depth explanation of how it works over here.

But wait – there’s more!

At Bigpipe, we know that your internet connection is important, and that downtime sucks. We always do our best to let our customers know if their connection will be interrupted for something like planned maintenance, or if we have an outage.

As we do online customer service, we usually let our customers know about stuff like this via an email, or through our Network Status page, or on social media. With the Bigpipe App, we can let you know what’s happening with your connection with your smartphone. We’ve got push notifications that we’ll send to let you know when something’s up with your connection, or any other information that you need to know.

We’ve also got a bunch of other stuff that you can do on the app straight away, like referring your friends to Bigpipe, seeing what’s up with your bill, or getting help from our Support Centre. And we’ve got heaps more features that we’re planning to add in the future. You can let us know what you think of the app so far, or suggest new features, by using the built-in feedback feature – we’d love to hear from you.

Download the Bigpipe App here (for Android) or here (for iOS.)