After yesterday’s outage was resolved, a small number of Bigpipe customers were still not able to connect to the internet.

After investigation this issue was fixed at approximately 11 PM last night, 8 June 2016. All Bigpipe customers should now be able to connect to our network without difficulty. If you are still experiencing problems (and you have recently restarted your modem / router / ONT) it is unlikely to be related to the outage, and we ask you to please contact our care team via our support centre for troubleshooting.

The was that a relatively small number of customer devices were mistakenly identified as making multiple connection attempts at the same time, and were subsequently denied network access. We have now accounted for this problem and have a working solution in place. We are still investigating the exact reason the problem occurred, and we are working with Chorus, Enable, and Ultrafast Fibre to determine the root cause.