Good news everyone! Well, not everyone, but we’ll get to that.

Our Network Monkeys have been busy, and in between trying to reproduce the collected works of Shakespeare entirely through Linux sudo terminal commands, they have applied their highly honed minds to unleashing a beta version of IPv6 on the Bigpipe network.

As of today IPv6 is available to any Bigpipe user that wants to help test it. There is a very big caveat, though; our implementation of IPv6 is not yet ready for mass consumption and so to test it you should know what you are doing. If you are not highly skilled with devices and networking, you shouldn’t dip your toes into this particular pool. If you have to ask yourself if you know what you’re doing, the IPv6 beta may not be for you.

Onwards! We’ve been running an IPv6 Beta with the geeks over at Geekzone to help find and resolve problems. You can find the beta thread here. Many routers support our DHCPv6-PD implementation of IPv6, however this is not the case for all routers out there. We’ll expand this list as new information becomes available.

Known modems/routers that support IPv6 with Bigpipe:

  • Fritzbox 7490
  • Fritzbox 7360
  • Netcomm NF4V
  • Netcomm NF8AC
  • Asus RT-N66U
  • Asus RT-AC66U
  • Asus RT-AC87U
  • Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite*

    Click here to learn more

    *Some of our beta testers have gotten IPv6 working with their ERLs, but have run into trouble getting it working initially. If you have an Ubiquiti router and want to use IPv6 on it with Bigpipe, you should have a read through the beta thread for some helpful config files. Thank you to those testers who took the time to provide their confirmed working configs.

Modems/routers that work with IPv6 on Bigpipe, but have some bugs:

  • Huawei HG659
  • Netgear R7000
  • Netgear R8000

Known troublesome brands or software packages for IPv6 with Bigpipe:

  • TP-Link
  • D-Link
  • pfSense

As long as the device you want to use supports our configuration, you should be good to go.

If you’re keen to get on board the IPv6 train to the future, and you are a Bigpipe customer, you can either submit a support query to or PM IPv6pipe on Geekzone requesting IPv6 be enabled on your connection. Note that you’ll need to include your account email address.

Until we launch fully, we will not be providing in-depth support for IPv6. You’re free to test and use it, but if it results in something on your network not working, your best bet is to disable it again on your side.


The settings you’ll need to use to get IPv6 working on your Bigpipe connection are:

  • Keep your existing IPv4 settings as they already are. If you need to update them you can find them here:
  • Enable IPv6
  • Set the IPv6 connection type to DHCPv6-PD
  • If your router can request both a prefix delegation (IA_PD) and an IPv6 address allocation (IA_NA), set it to only obtain a prefix delegation
  • If your router requires the prefix length to be set, use “/60”
  • If your router requires IPv6 DNS servers to be set use 2403:9800:c041:1000::a and 2403:9800:c041:1000::b
  • Internal address allocation method: DHCP or SLAAC (we recommend DHCP, but the choice is yours)

Please note:

  • After IPv6 has been enabled on your line you may need to restart your router a few times, as our routers may need to collect some extra data from your line that only becomes available during a connection attempt.
  • If you run into trouble getting IPv6 working over PPPoA you can change your ADSL line to connect on PPPoE by setting the VPI to 0, the VCI to 110, and enabling VLAN 10 tagging.


Do I have to have a public IPv4 address to get IPv6?
No, you don’t. IPv6 is available to anyone on our network that opts in to help test.

Can I get a bigger prefix than a “/60”?
No, sorry. Currently we only offer a single “/60” per connection.

What does “sticky” mean? Will my prefix ever change?
Your prefix will not change unless we need to change something on our end (for example if you’re upgrading from ADSL to UFB).

Can I get a truly static IPv6 allocation?
No, sorry. Not at this stage.

Do you support reverse DNS and delegation for IPv6?
No, sorry. Currently we do not support DNS delegation for IPv6 prefixes.

Why are you not turning on IPv6 for everyone on Bigpipe?
We’re holding off on a full scale launch in the mean time, as we’ve identified some IPv6 bugs with our modem that we’re working with the vendor to get sorted. Once this is done we’ll be looking to move forward enabling it Bigpipe wide.