Bigpipe loves our programmers – without them, we would not have programmers! (That sentence is what programmers like to call “recursive,” which is something that all programmers love.) Without programmers, we also wouldn’t have a website, and/or exist. They are awesome. So here to talk to you about being awesome is our Senior Developer, Lisa! 

Your Name Here: Lisa Quayle

A/S/L? 26/F/Auckland

Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m a problem solver and love logic puzzles – which lends itself nicely to programming! I love getting involved in organising things and I survive by writing lists… so many lists. I’ve been a huge Pokemon fan since I was 5 years old, but I have trouble deciding which one is my favourite. I also love cats, Alice Cooper, colourful socks, travelling, cricket and Hamilton.

What do you get up to outside of work? I’ve recently started learning to surf, so spending a lot of time in the Coromandel on weekends getting sconned in the face by the surfboard and riding a few waves. I also love cooking with my partner – we make big feasts of deliciousness for dinner.

What work do you do for Bigpipe? I’m a front end software developer – so I work on the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the Bigpipe website. It’s super fun 😀

What’s the best thing about Bigpipe? No data caps!! Unlimited broadband all the time with no fair use policy is great. It mean’s there’ll be no surprises and you can just download as much as you want whenever you want.

What are you doing for Christmas? Chilling with the extended family over in Katikati. There’s going to be so much delicious food. I can’t wait 😛

What’s your favourite thing that you use the Internet for? Watching teh YouTubez. My fav channels at the moment are the React Channel, and Vsauce.

Favourite video game right now? Super Smash Bros on Wii U. Love taking down my fellow Bigpipers with Pikachu. (But not Josh, who is the best at Smash Bros.) 

What is your favourite meme? Such a hard question… there are so many good ones! Gonna go with He-Man HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA haha. And don’t forget the 10 hour version.

Would you rather fight 100 kiwi-sized men, or 1 man-sized kiwi? I’d go for 1 man-sized kiwi because I reckon if you just grabbed hold of its beak you might be able to just climb up it and jump on top. Then you could just ride it around… I wonder if you could beat the Auckland traffic with it…

Tell us a joke! Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? To get to the bottom. (credit to a hilarious 10 year old girl who I met at Code Club Aotearoa)

Link us to your current favourite thing on the Internet! My fave thing on the internet at the moment would have to be Scratch. It’s a really cool site where you can learn to code. It’s interactive, colourful and allows you to get started creating games and animations really quickly. I use it in a Code Club where we teach 10 – 12 year old kids how to code. They come up with the coolest, craziest stuff! 

What is your spirit animal? It’s definitely a Pokemon… I’m going to go with Vaporeon because it’s cat-like, but loves the water. 


A wild LISAMON appeared! LISAMON used CODE! It’s super effective!