Many Bigpipe customers experienced an outage between 4:30 AM and 10 AM on Wednesday, 8 June 2016. Here’s what happened, and what to do if you are still experiencing connection trouble.

We had scheduled maintenance that occurred at the same time as Chorus network updates at approximately 4:30 AM this morning. Unfortunately, a bad configuration setting caused network instability and dropped connections. This was initially limited to a small number of customers but the problem grew worse, culminating around 8:30 with many Bigpipe customers experiencing loss of connection. Once the cause of the outage was known we rolled back to the previous configuration, which fixed the outage and restored service to 99 percent of Bigpipe customers by around 9:30

If you’re still experiencing loss of connection, please restart your modem/router and wait for 5 minutes to reconnect. If you are on fibre, please restart your ONT first and then restart your modem/router.

If you still have no connection after taking these steps, please visit our Support Centre and get in touch with our support team. Please select “No connection” as the problem, and add the subject line “I still can’t connect after Wednesday 8 June 2016 outage” into the More Information field. This will help us diagnose and restore your connection more quickly.

Thanks for your patience while we resolved this outage. We apologise for any inconvenience.


The Bigpipe People