Good news everyone! Bigpipe is doing modems!


Modem box!

But why modems?

Now that Bigpipe has been going for a while, we’ve had the chance to listen to a lot of customer feedback. One of the most common things we hear from our customers is that getting set up with Bigpipe would be a lot easier if we offered a modem. We like listening to our customers, so we’re very pleased to announce that you’re now able to purchase a brand-new Huawei HG659 when you sign up for Bigpipe. It’ll perform really well on any Bigpipe plan, including VDSL and fibre! (In fact, if you’re in Dunedin you can even use it on our Gigatown plan). It’s a seriously good modem and it’s only $99 when you sign up with Bigpipe, which is half what it’d usually cost. Once you’ve paid, it’s yours to keep, and do whatever you like with, forever.


Modem front!

But why modems?

Are you kidding? We just told you that, like, last paragraph.

Nice and easy

Once of the things we heard most often is that you want your MODEM! to be easy to set up. Well, we’ve sorted the Bigpipe modem so it works straight out of the box. There’s no complicated configuration or need to delve deep into the modem settings. You’re more than welcome to do that if you know what you’re doing and you like fiddling with modems – the Bigpipe modem is 100 percent unlocked and you can do whatever you like with it – but the we’ve made it as easy to set up as possible. We’ve even put a bunch of stickers in the box that you can use to write down those modem login details that are usually such a pain to find, and stick them somewhere convenient. Put them wherever you like – the front of the modem, or your fridge, or your forehead. It’s up to you!

It’s a good idea to change the modem login details (printed on the right side of the sticker) for added security. We’ve just included them for the first time you log in, as well as if you ever need to factory reset your modem.

Modem sticker!

You choo choo choose.

Of course, Bigpipe still works as a bring your own modem service, and you’re still more than welcome to bring or buy your own modem if you want – check out some of the recommended ones here. We’ll never make you buy a modem you don’t want, and our service hasn’t changed in any way – we’ve still got no contracts, no data caps, no throttling, and great online support. You can find out a bit more about the Bigpipe modem here. Or check out our unboxing video below!

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