For as long as Bigpipe’s been around, there’s been one thing that people have been saying they want more than anything else for their broadband: parental control.

The internet might be the best thing ever. But for kids – and parents – it can be a scary place. There’s plenty online that’s not suitable for kids. And in today’s connected world, with dozens of devices easily able to access the internet, it’s easy for kids to see stuff they shouldn’t.

It’s also made the convoluted world of parenting even more complicated. What if the kids need the internet for homework, but you don’t want them using social media at the same time? What about bedtime? Limits to gaming time? There’s a lot to wade through.

Sure, there’s existing parental control stuff out there, but it mostly requires a software subscription, or some serious technological know-how to get working. Plus, most existing solutions don’t offer a way to actually limit access to certain services while retaining others. Turning off the modem only works if you don’t want to use the internet yourself, which isn’t usually the case.

So we’re very pleased to introduce Parental Control – the first step in a series of planned features that allow you to take charge of your internet connection.

The Bigpipe App’s Parental Control feature expands our Mode Selector so you’ll have a deeper level of control over your Bigpipe connection than ever before.

For instance, if you want to make sure that the kids can’t use social media after bedtime, you can choose to restrict access to Social Media with just one tap in the Bigpipe app. This will turn off access to sites and services like Facebook, but leave other services free. It’s like a remote control for your broadband.

Parents are also able to turn off multiple modes at once, or choose to prioritise them. For example, if parents want to watch Lightbox but disallow the children access to Facebook, they can turn off Social Media while prioritising Streaming mode. 

The Bigpipe App can only be used by the Bigpipe account holder for any given connection. That account holder can see what sort of traffic is currently on a connection, and can choose to restrict – or prioritise – any particular mode.

All this capability runs on the Bigpipe network, so activation is near-instantaneous. Parental Control requires no additional software and no additional service sign-up – it just works, straight from the Bigpipe App. It also means that parents can see what’s happening on their home Bigpipe connection and activate parental control features from anywhere – work, home or overseas.

This is great, but how do I get it? 

You can download the Bigpipe App, with Parental Control, today on Google Play or the Apple App Store!

This is great, but there are a few more features I’d like to see…

This is the first of several planned parental control features. We have lots more that we’re adding to the app, including a few very-requested features, so watch this space! If you want to suggest a feature, use the Feedback button in the Bigpipe app – we see every bit of feedback, and we love hearing suggestions!

This is great, but what else can the Bigpipe App do? 

Find out about the Bigpipe App here!