bigpipe-new-features-email-imageThe Bigpipe dev team have been busy, deep in their lair down by the Earth’s core where it’s still warm. From here they thwart onslaughts from sentient robot armies and code updates to the Bigpipe app. Their latest effort is their best yet. With this update, Bigpipe customers are able to do heaps more with the app. You can download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

Move address

Moving house? It’s now easier than ever to take your Bigpipe connection with you. Simply head to the Profile section of your Bigpipe app and tap “Move address.” Put in your moving date and go from there. It even works if you’ve moved house already!

Better line testing

If you’re having trouble with your Bigpipe connection, our line testing tool is now better than ever. Line testing is brilliant because a.) you can use it to figure out if something’s wrong with your line and b.) if there is something wrong, it gives us a bunch of info about your line, cutting out a bunch of back-and-forth and allowing us to fix problems way faster.

Parental control

Our parental control feature bears mentioning again. You know how you can prioritise modes, like Streaming, Gaming, and Downloading, with the Bigpipe app? Now you can turn them off (and back on again) any time that suits you. If the kids are staying up late on social media, you can turn off Facebook with just one tap in the Bigpipe app.

Bug fixes and improvements

A few customers were getting “Network error” errors when trying to log in to the app. We’ve ironed these out plus a whole lot of other fixes and small improvements. Check it out! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.