Good news everyone! The mole-people / Bigpipe developers have been delving deep in the basement sub-levels of Bigpipe Towers, busily working on a brand new feature for the Bigpipe App – and today it’s released to the world!

Our new Bigpipe App feature is Line Testing. It allows you to easily test your broadband connection for faults, and it’s live now on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You might be wondering – what use is that? You mostly know if something’s wrong with your broadband. It tends to be fairly obvious: it’ll be dropping out, or running really slowly, or just not working at all.

Well, the thing is, if your broadband isn’t working you’re (hopefully) going to contact us about it, and the first thing we’ll try and do is figure out where the fault lies, so we can get it sorted. Faults can be caused by a huge number of factors, some of which are completely out of our control – everything from corrosion to mouse infestations in a cabinet (really, this actually happens) or rain. To figure it out, we need to know a bunch of stuff, like – is the fault with our equipment? Is it with Chorus or a local fibre company? Is it with your modem or home wiring or WiFi? Finding this stuff out usually involves a bunch of troubleshooting on our end, which we often have to ask you to help out with.

Line testing makes everything a lot easier and faster, for you and for us. It allows you to know really quickly if the problem appears to be with Bigpipe or something else. And it lets us know as well, because when you do a line test you can send us information on the state of your connection. If you use the Line Testing tool to get in contact with us, we’ll know a bunch of stuff about the nature of the fault up-front, and being better informed will help us fix it faster.