By Niall McCarthy

A lot of you tech savvy folk will already be familiar with the term ‘wearable tech’. For those of you who aren’t, the term basically means technology you can wear! Wearable technology has been on the market for years. Garmin have had wearable GPS watches and likes for years now. Garmin however a brand aimed at keen outdoorsy, extreme sports and mountaineers.  

Wearable tech isn’t just for your wrist or Google Glass. In London, a creative agency named Studio XO headed by a Nancy Tilbury have been working on creating wearable tech and smart apparel for years now. What started off as once-off commissioned pieces for the likes of The Black Eyed Pea’s and Lady Gaga’s, has now developed into working with athletes and international sporting teams. AC Milan are one of the most technologically advanced soccer teams in the world. New Zealand’s very own All Blacks have also trial the wearable technology.

Adidas have embraced these new technologies and integrated real-time performance sensors into the professional athletes Adidas clothing. Sporting coaches can now monitor each player’s performance measuring; heart rate, blood-pressure, respiratory stats, pitch performance and techniques. The integrated technology isn’t invasive and doesn’t inhibit the athletes performance. It is the first time that sports clothing, digital technology and science have worked as one to develop one outcome.  

The connection between wearable tech and smartphones only really kicked off in the past 5 years and 2015 is set to be the biggest year yet. To begin with, smart watches/wearables didn’t synchronise seamlessly with smartphones compared to today. I wonder if its only a matter of time before smartphones are sold accompanied with a wearable bro in the box?  

With the launch of the Apple Watch this year, no doubt competitors are anxious to see the carnage unfold on the day of its release. Like almost all of Apple’s products launched over the past few years, the media coverage will be extensive. Like it or loath it, Apple’s launches have proved to get the most attention out of all the competitors on the market.

With all these wearables on the market, in particular smart watches, it’s hard to choose the best one. So Bigpipe have created a list of the current and most popular smart watches currently/due to be released on the market in 2015. Vote in our poll below for your favourite smart watch!

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1. Samsung Gear   2. Samsung Gear S   3. Moto 360   4. LG G Watch   5. Samsung Gear Live 

6. Asus ZenWatch   7. Apple Watch